How to Play Slots

To play a Slot Machine ,as you know ,a coin has to be inserted in to the slot and the lever pulled in order to set the reels in motion. The whole idea is to line up the various symbols in order to win. Most slot machines differ ,but you can bet up to 3 or 4 coins each time. To qualify for the progressive jackpot ,the larger stakes have to be played , per spin of the reels. You also need to be placing bets in $1 to $5 denominations. The Bet Max button will allow you to play for the highest number of coins, this will make an automatic spin of the reels. If it suits you better you may place 1 coin at a time in the slot machine and action the lever to start the game. All the prizes are displayed on the machine, and as you will notice all slot machines are different in detail. If you have won, the winning combination will be shown on the pay line, which is in the center. Good Luck!!

Strategy for playing slot machines

It is always advisable to take advantage of the fact that the majority of slot machine will give you an advantage for playing the maximum number of coins. For instance ,you may have $4000 jackpot playing 4 coins ,but an $8000 jackpot with 6 coins. It is always best not to leave a slot machine which is owing you money. It is always a good idea to check which casinos are advertising slot machines which are loose and showing specific payout percentages. These are the casinos which want your business and will give you a higher winning chance for joining the play.

When you begin, keep a look out for a slot machine which pays out double, if you stake 2 coins. Workout your maximum amount you are prepared to play with at the outset. Play one coin at a time until you have a winning play. On a win ,double your stake, one from your win and one from your bankroll. Keep playing 2 till you do not have a winning spin of the reels, then go back to one again.

When you have played the number of games which you decided in the start, add up your winnings. If you have more than you started with, Well Done. But if you have less this will be your new starting point, check out a new slot machine and try again. Good luck. There are no guarantees that you will win using this system ,but it is one strategy which you may find useful.

If you were wondering

Slot Machines do not stop on any particular sets of symbols with equal probability, but because of % settings , certain combinations are more likely than others..

Every game on a slot machine is certainly random.

There is as much chance of striking a jackpot on any given spin , as another.

There is certainly no more chance with any circumstances which affect the coin to be used , as any other one.


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